Thursday, October 05, 2006 out of the blue I hired an electrician to fix the bathroom wiring and decided since he was doing that to put up my wall sconce and put new lighting in the bathroom..well now that there is new lighting in there of course it needs a new wall treatment..the old one is from the P/Os (Previous owners or P---ed Off or whatever you want to call them)and it is ugly. It is sort of an adult If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book..You know..If you give a restorer a new light fixture she will want to change the wallpaper..... here are the fixtures...and then the 2 pictures of the antique sconce...I cant decide if I like it with or without the covers. Still need to get the wall behind it painted but I am one step closer.
AND Marc did get the wood rot dealt with on Monday..Yay!

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