Friday, May 13, 2011

Lawn Maintenance

You know, I look out at my lawn and I think of all the things I would love to do. In my mind I can see the rose bushes, full of lush flowers. I mentally walk past the the beds with huge hydrangeas and sweet smelling lilacs...

And as long as I don't open my eyes I am good.

If I was making lots of money then I would hire a lawn care service. I wouldn't bat an eye. There was a time in my life that I would have thought that was cheating, that I should take care of my lawn and my cleaning duties myself but that was when I was an energetic and know-it-all 30 year old.
Nope, given half a chance I would fill my yard with large muscled, sweaty men whose sole life's purpose was to make my yard look the way I want it to. I'd have picket fences and shady trees, glorious rose bushes and beds of all kinds of annual flowers.

And I would sit on the veranda (I have one of those but currently it is full of tools, barn boots, a couple of scooters, and a grill) and sip lemonade.

I wrote an article entitled, Should I Hire a Lawn Care Service?  to try to help people get an idea if that was something that they wanted or needed. While I was researching it I learned something.

I learned that I want to hire someone to do my lawn maintenance.

image: SXC

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