Monday, April 14, 2008

We are serious about coffee around here.

I have decided to make this my main personal blog..I am leaving the other ones up...but will maintain this and Apron Strings & Simmering Things
Hopefully I will get a chance to update some things on them shortly. SO the finances, the homestead, the homeschool, the small farm..all of it will be here. Personal blogs...personal blogs.

It is amazing how God works. We have a very long property. And the sewer and gas pipes were brought in from the back for some all of the pipes from the house have to travel 2 acres to the main lines.
Well we noticed that one of the sewer pipes in the back was backing up. Our plumber told us it was going ot be $$$ but Marc was able to fix it today for less than $100.00 YAY! We praying about the money for the plumber but when the city checked the lines the guy told Marc what to do, and to see if it did!

Other than that..Matt is about to till the garden up one more time. We are still getting odd nothing really much in yet. I feel like we are about to turn the corner to something wonderful.

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